Experienced, personal consultation within the specialty coffee world




Mike Riley has worked in coffee for the past 3 decades. For much of that time he was Head of Coffee for a leading UK coffee roaster before  establishing and heading up Falcon Specialty, importers of specialty green coffee.

He is a Q Grader instructor and runs courses in the UK and further afield as well as being a professional taster and specialty coffee consultant.

Q Grader Instructor


Having qualified as a Q Grader Instructor I am now in the position to run Q Grader courses. These will be held at various locations in the UK on a regular basis. Please see the Courses & Events page for further details.

Periodically I will be available for hire as a Q Instructor in specified countries where hosts having a certified laboratory and want to run the Q  Arabica course. Again click on the Courses and Events page.

Help & Advice


I am able to offer a diverse amount of help and advise to all coffee roasters from the micro-roaster to large corporations. I can assist with sourcing, organolpetic assessment, quality assessment, blend advice, NPD, writing, cupping protocols & standardisation, quality procedures and associated documentation leading to SALSA accreditiation.